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Come Introduce Yourself. Even Old Members come reintroduce yourself.
Here I will make announcements about the website. Check here often to keep up to date.
Moderator Discussion Board
Where Moderators can come to discuss all about themselves, the forums, and life in general.
Chosen Forums Big Brother
Where sign ups for the Chosen Forums Big Brother will take place. There are seven spots, so hurry and get one.
Come here to discuss Basketball. Yes the NBA, CBA, ABA, NCAA.
Come here to discuss Football. Yes the NFL, NCAA, and Euro League
Come discuss baseball with us. Yes pro, semi-pro, rookies.
Other Sports
There are plenty of other sports out there. If you want to discuss them do it here.
Where you can come to discuss the various aspects of Rap.
Come discuss the various aspects of Rock. This includes Punk, Hard, and Metal.
Come here to discuss the various aspects of country.
Come discuss the various aspects of Oldies. Anything from the 40's to the 90's can be considered oldies.
General Music Discussion
Where all music fans can come to discuss and settle things.
Post the LINK to your site!
Have you written your own story? Well post it here...short or long we dont care!
Slayer's Graphic Store
Our Grand Graphics Guru Slayer will be taken requests to make signatures here.
Come discuss Movies of all sorts.
Star Wars
Original Trilogy!
Come here and post about the Original Trilogy! Eps. IV, V, VI.
Prequel Trilogy
Come here and post about the Prequel Trilogy! Eps. I, II, III.
Extended Universe!
Come and post anything about the EU! New Jedi Order, Clone Wars, etc.
Can't find a topic for your post? Post it here!
Fan Fics!
Do you have a Star Wars Fan Fic?? Post it here so we can all read it!!
Harry Potter
Books 1-3
Come in here and post topics about books 1-3
Books 4-6
Come here and post about books 4-6!!
Come in here and post about the Harry Potter Movies!!
Can't find where your topic goes?? Post it here!
Fan Fics!!
Do you have a Harry Potter Fan Fic?? Post it here and let us all read it!!
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