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PostPosted: Wed Sep 20, 2006 8:49 pm    Post subject: Salvation  Reply with quote

Another story of mine... =P hope you'll like it: =D


People don’t recognize me anymore. I sometimes think they fail to see the obvious, that they try to look for me in the most remote and unlikely places. Or maybe they just don’t actually try to look for me. They see me everyday, walking past the street corner, eating lunch, drinking water. They sometimes even talk to me, asking me for directions, or the time. But they don’t perceive me.
I guess they feel safe, they think they know everything about this world. They believe they know how everything works, how everything was created and moulded and painted. But they don’t.
“They are so deep inside their boundaries, they are so deficient, that it’s quite obvious that they fail to see someone so flawless, so perfect.”
I guess Mr. Bayly’s right. People are so imperfect and flawed, that they fail to see the evident; they just see through it, without noticing that there’s something deeper and more important in between. Things weren’t like this a few centuries ago, though. It just doesn’t make sense.
“But they used to see me. They used to ask me questions, to consult me… they respected me for what I’ve done and for what I’m doing.”
“Well, people weren’t more imperfect back then that they are now. They just had a clearer mind. They didn’t know everything. Well, at least they didn’t think they knew everything. Something has been clouding their minds.”
“Something? What do you mean with ‘something’?”
But I didn’t have to ask. I can see it in his eyes. Those deep, blue eyes are getting filled with emotions, expressing fear and terror. Bayly’s starting to feel things I’ll never be able to feel. But I understand them. I know what they mean. And, most importantly, they give me a clue of what that “something” is.
“You know what I mean.”
“Yes. Yes, I’m afraid I do know what you mean, Bayly. It’s been trying to cloud the vision of the simple-minded for some time now…”
“And looks like it’s finally succeeding.”
“Yes. The common people are being used. The population of this Earth, the Earth I created, is going blind. They are failing to see what they’re supposed to see, they are failing to feel what they’re supposed to feel, and they are getting… they are getting near to it.”
“It… it is evil.”
“I’m not too sure about that. You know, evil is a point of view. Everybody thinks he or she is right. It thinks it’s right and that it’s doing good, and that we’re evil… and we think the same thing about it.”
“The difference is, we know it’s evil.”
“And how do you know for certain that we are right?”
“You are the creator of this Earth, the programmer of everything that exists on this planet… you know you are right.”
“Being the creator of the Earth doesn’t give me absolute power over the points of view of other beings. No one knows for certain who’s right and who’s wrong, not even me, or you, or it.”
“I guess I have much to learn.”
But I can sense that Bayly doesn’t believe in what he’s saying. He’s just telling me that to please me. It doesn’t surprise me. But I guess this isn’t time to instruct or educate him. There are graver matters at hand.
“It is time. We should have done this centuries ago. We have to…”
“No.” I knew Bayly would know. He’s developing his feelings; he’s sensing what I’ve come to feel. He knows it is time, but he also knows that doing what I plan to do can be dangerous. I must admit I agree – partially. “We cannot do that. It’s too perilous. Sir…”
“It’s necessary, Bayly. We must do it. It has to be destroyed.”
“But Sir, if you do that, it will be destroyed along with the planet and all the people inside it! You’re going to destroy everything you have created!”
“I’m afraid we have no choice. Do you think I haven’t meditated about this, Bayly? It has been trying to eliminate me from the minds of the people for centuries; I just didn’t know this day would come so soon.”
Bayly looks at me, with his deep, watery eyes melting like the wax of a candle. His long, blondish hair flows with the wind and the tears that fall from the eyes of the sky fall on his head and his shoulders like the rain of the Earth. It’s both a pitiful and a sad image. He knows we have no choice, and he has given up.
“Bayly, if I’m erased from the minds of the people, it would be the end of the world as they know it.”
“I know, Sir.”
“We only do what we’re meant to do. I was meant to create the Earth and it looks like I was also meant to destroy it.”
“And how do you know Earth will be destroyed? Have you lost all hope?”
“Bayly… hope doesn’t exist to me. It is a word, something with a meaning but no sentimental or physical representation. I know Earth will be destroyed.”
“Will it be destroyed now?”
“No one can see the future. And I mean no one. We’ll just… have to see.”
“Sir… do I have to see this?”
“No if you don’t want to. I can do it alone.”
“Can it do something about it? Can it stop you?”
“It isn’t meant to stop me. Looks like hope does exist after all, for it was created only to have hope on doing something. It has tried to do it, but it wasn’t meant to succeed.”
But Bayly doesn’t listen to me. As I speak, I see him falling from the firmament, beneath the eyes and above the clouds of the sky. I had no choice. No matter what happened, he was meant to be destroyed today. This day. Right now.
“This is it,” I say to myself. I don’t know if I’m going to be destroyed forever or if I’ll reappear once more. Am I meant to be destroyed? Or do I have something more to do after this ending? These are the questions I ask myself as I get nearer to that endless beam of white light that, shining as strongly as fifty stars, starts to grow and expand over what I once created. Over what I once called Earth.

(NOTE: All the indents disappeared when I did the copy-paste, so it DOES look reallly weird... o.O)

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